„Natural Mystic has given me several amazing and valuable readings over the last few years. I have received many insights into my life and the influences that affect it. She keeps a record of past readings and the messages in them become even clearer over time.“

- Alicia Seinen, Costumer -

„Natural Mystic exemplifies professionalism and integrity. Her innate sensitivity, wisdom and focused attention are very helpful. I have felt comfortable and at ease. I highly recommend Juna, who is in fact, a ‘Natural Mystic’. “

- Erin O’Malley, Social Worker -

„My sessions with Juna have brought me a deep level of insight. They've illuminated aspects of my life I never thought possible. Utilizing Soul Memory Discovery, I've been able to heal lifelong trauma, cultivate greater intuition, and seed future projects with her guidance. Working with Juna has been a wonderful complement to my life's journey and it's been an honor to work with her. “

- Kelly, Media Strategist and Translator -

„Juna helped my mother find peace after the sudden passing of her beloved dog, Max, and she opened my eyes to karmic issues that were ready to be released. I am very grateful for her insight and willingness to explain her conclusions in depth. “

- Kat M., Los Angeles -

„Juna Madrone is a great blessing. She has the ability to gently journey into the territory of the soul in order to expand the light, awareness and clarity within creating sacred transformation in our lives. Thank you Juna! “

- P.K., Clinical Psychologist, Interfaith Minister -

„Recently I made a major move to a new city. Natural Mystic’s advice guided me through a very difficult time. I highly recommend Juna as being someone who gets out of the way and allows Spirit to communicate effectively.“

- Rohn K. Jennings, Retired Builder and Medical Marijuana Grower -

„My experiences with Juna and Soul Memory Discovery have been truly transformative. On top of removing energy blocks and helping me process current personal issues, she has given me specific information about my core self, my soul and my life's journey. “

- Vanessa R., Artist -

„Juna’s services have been tremendously helpful to both my personal and business life for the past six years. She runs a very warm open spot for you to come, sit down, and get straight answers for any sort of questions. “

- A.F., Contractor -