Soul Memory Discovery is a process of energetic healing that enables us to access, identify, and release troubling issues that limit our lives and inhibit the full expression of our Essence and our Being.

    Our bodies hold memories of everything that has ever happened to us in this lifetime. All of our experiences are recorded in our physical bodies. We know this when we speak about having a ‘broken heart’, ‘shouldering a burden’, or ‘sitting on our anger’.

    Just as our bodies hold memories of everything that has happened to us in this lifetime, our auras, or electro-magnetic fields around our bodies, hold memories of everything that has ever happened for our souls. The soul is the eternal part of us that goes on long after we are done with these bodies. Our souls come to us clothed in their own histories.

    The Soul Memory Discovery process is sacred ritual that uses the power of language, gestures, and intentions to affect change. This work can powerfully alter and transform time-space frameworks and existing realities.


    In Soul Memory Discovery, we create sacred space where we are able to access all these memory banks to receive clear and accurate information. We can find the origins of any issue, or complex of symptoms, be they physical, emotional, spiritual, life patterns, or entire belief systems.

    Unlike traditional talk therapy that can take months or even years to find the origins of an issue, with Soul Memory Discovery we can access the origins of an issue almost immediately and effortlessly. The information comes when the Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator and the client together ask questions of the client’s own soul and Spiritual Guidance Team. We are spiritually directed, and given access to the specific information necessary to release the issue which holds the symptoms in place.

    Once we find the origins of the issue, there is a simple release process that lifts these origins out of the system. This process is gentle, swift, and sacred. Once the symptoms are no longer being sourced, they dry up and go away.

    All of this is accomplished in usually one session of 2 to 3 hours. The changes that take place through a Soul Memory Discovery session are life enhancing and permanent. Clients often choose to come back for additional work on other areas of their life.

    We not only have memories of traumatic events stored in our auric fields, but we also hold memories of all the spiritual contracts we have ever made and of our various past lives. In a Soul Memory Discovery session, we can access memories, and receive information about our chosen mission and purpose for this lifetime.

    Our career paths; our spiritual paths; our relationships with teachers and leaders, colleagues and associates, friends and opponents, can all be explored.  We can learn about our Guides, Master Guides, and Guardian Angels, who have volunteered to serve with us in this lifetime by supporting our evolution.

    This is an exciting time to be here! Each of us has unique contributions we can make to our world.  Our full presence is needed now. Soul Memory Discovery is a great gift that allows us to lift off our limitations, and to, almost immediately, step into the fullness of our Truths.

    Sitting in the Light in a Soul Memory Discovery session, surrounded with the love of your Guides, moving energies and playing in sacredness, is truly an awesome, humbling, and life-transforming experience.

    To learn more about Soul Memory Discovery, please visit my Master Teacher Ellen Kaufman-Dosick’s website.


    The Tarot can be seen as a spiritual guide, a kind of wise friend who helps us to discover who we are, rather than as a device for fortune telling. Think of Divination as the experience of enjoying a two-way conversation with the Divine. (Rachel Pollack)


    Intuitive card readings penetrate to the heart of issues in the light of your soul purpose. Topics for exploration can include right livelihood, business decisions, relationship evaluation, weighing options, problem solving, self-knowledge, and future trends. A ‘Rosh Chodesh’ or New Moon reading and the Tarot of the Netivot Spread help women to explore an upcoming month or year from a deeply spiritual perspective.


    I have devised a Jewish mystical system that transforms a 78 card traditional Tarot deck into a powerful tool for self-exploration. This overlay assigns each card a unique position on The Wheel of the Year within the context of season, month, and lunar week. Major Arcana cards correspond to powerful universal feminine archetypes; Jewish holidays; and the solar solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarter days. The four suits represent human activities that correspond to a simplified model of the Four Worlds as derived from Kabbalah. Court cards plumb the mysteries inherent within the three stages of womanhood and the Triple Goddess archetypes.


    A combination of heartfelt prayer and sacred play allow for relaxation of the judgmental, rational mind and receptivity to Spirit. A ‘kavanah’ or intention is set for the reading. Cards are shuffled and laid out. Apophenia, or the tendency to see patterns or make connections in random data; and pareidolia, the experience of perceiving meaningful images within just a hint of form are psychological phenomena that allow for easy access to the subconscious and explain the effectiveness of Tarot. I use a variety of Tarot and oracle decks that have been carefully selected for their positive and uplifting imagery.

    DISCLAIMER: This is Divination only in the nontraditional sense, namely that of intuitive perception or connection to the Divine. I do not do fortune telling or make predictions based on time. The information given in readings is for enlightenment, self-development, and entertainment purposes only and in no way should be taken as a substitute for medical, legal or other professional advice. You must be 18 or older to request a reading.

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    We can cross a threshold into a space and feel flooded with a sense of light, peace, even holiness.

    What makes one place feel light and bright, and another heavy and oppressive? All events and interactions leave a spiritual residue. The ‘dust and dirt’ of uncomfortable emotions and traumatic events can accumulate in any space.

    Sometimes when you move into a new home or office, however beautiful, The atmosphere just feels ‘off’. You may become aware that unfortunate events have occurred. Your long-­term residence may feel stuck or stagnant. You may suspect or witness earthbound spirits. Spaces can benefit from clearing on an energetic level.


    As an adult Indigo and a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP, I am acutely aware of the pain and challenges Indigos experience living here on this Earth. As a trained Indigo Work Facilitator, I offer highly effective help for Adult Indigos. We adult Indigos, who remember eternal knowledge from The Other Side, incarnate with a clear vision of an ideal perfected world. As some of the first Indigos, the world was not ready for us. Few understood our unique worldview and special gifts. The only way we could exist here was to deny the essence of our Being. That pain has resulted in spiritual wounds that have been unrecognized. Our pain is at a spiritual level, so healing must also be at a spiritual level. Once freed of our pain and discomfort, we can effectively function and help to transform our world.

    To learn more about Indigo work, please visit my Master Teacher Rabbi Wayne Dosick’s website.


    Dreams can carry a message from a higher source. You dream a Big Dream that is particularly vivid, or perhaps disturbing. The feeling of the dream may linger. You awaken with a strong feeling that something significant has happened. I can help you both to process the dream and to gain insight into its meaning.

    Intuitive readings, and specifically the ‘Career Cards’ developed by Margo Mateas, can help you to explore business and right livelihood issues. Guided creative brainstorming can take you in new and exciting directions.

    The emergence of the Divine Feminine, the coming of Moshiach, the Ascension from 3D to 5D, the dawning of the Satya Yuga all speak to a revolution in Human Consciousness.

    Flower of Life Activation or the Miracle Work is a series of meditations that use sound, color and prayer to activate the Flower of Life, also known as Da­at, the Sacred Heart, and the Vesica Pisces. This work supports the expansion of our awareness into God consciousness and increased compassion so that we may become conduits through which miracles may flow to our world.


    Personalized, creative ritual can add extra meaning to marking special life events. Significant life issues can be powerfully addressed to affect healing and transformation. Together we craft an experience to encounter the Sacred in the present.

    Examples of personalized rituals that I can craft together with you are: a ritual to prepare to meet your soul mate; a ritual to process a history of sexual abuse; a ritual to celebrate your 40th birthday.


    The strong desire to connect with our soul partner usually indicates that there is such a person here for us. My work with each individual is personalized. It may include the removal of any spiritual blocks, the release of negative belief systems, ritual, and the activation of a k’la hanicha or sacred container to optimize the chances for a successful meeting.

    Companion and working animals long to effectively communicate with the humans in their lives. They communicate through telepathy. I have successfully helped people to enhance their relationships with their animals by getting to the root of unusual behaviors and easing end of life transitions.

    Add a spiritual dimension to your party or special event. Special event readings by Natural Mystic are always popular, entertaining, upbeat and fun.

    Please do not let distance be a deterrent to our working together. Most of the work that I do is just as effective done remotely because we are working on the spiritual plane. I have many wonderful clients who I have never met face to face. Give me a call to discuss how this can work for you.