Jewish Tarot

Awakening to Our Own Divinity

A continuing evolution in human consciousness allows us to have a new and heroic response to events in our world and communities.


MotherBladesA swirling vertigo of disorientation has challenged our minds and our hearts.

Movement of Jah People

KingWatersActivate embodied codes to transport our journey into Fifth Dimensional consciousness.  Jumpstart Gaia’s renewal this Tishrei.

New Moon Reading for Av

PersonWatersReflections on mortality, engender a longing to leave a lasting legacy predicated not just on our increasing material wealth, but on enduring human connections.

New Moon Reading for Elul

4WatersSuddenly we feel on top of the world.  A review of where we are and where we want to be is supported by this New Moon and the recent solar eclipse.  

New Moon Reading for Sivan

XVAuthentic self-expression and courageous disclosure were energies that moved through the previous lunar month.

New Moon Reading for Tammuz


Carving out the time for a mini spiritual retreat empowers us to create exactly the social life we want.  Actively playing in our dream life engenders a new compassion that spurs us on to social activism.

We Remember

Ancestral memory supported our emergence from the narrow confines of separation and untruth this last month.