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Unconditional Love

With arms wide open, I embrace all beings large and small.  I am a Tree of Knowledge and your love flows through me.

How can I better express unconditional love in the little things?

The random drawing here of the exact card that corresponds to this lunar week, the waxing moon of Adar I, indicates that this is a very pertinent topic for this moment.  The Person of Flames, or the Knower of Trees in the Shining Tribe deck, depicts a figure who has become the Tree of Knowledge.  She fully expresses the beauty and wonder of the world.

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New Moon Spread Adar I

Playfulness, celebration, an influx of light and love, and spiritual retreat move through Adar I.

Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) Spread February 10, 2016 through March 10, 2016  Adar I 5776

The marking of time according to the lunar cycle is an ancient practice that is enjoying resurgence in women’s circles.  The New Moon is an excellent time for reflection and renewal.  This 5-card spread facilitates both a reflection on the events of the past month and an understanding of what spiritual energies will prevail in your personal life for the upcoming weeks.  I have devised a system that associates a specific Tarot card with each lunar week of the Jewish calendar.  This reading will interpret cards that are drawn within this context.

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Hummingbird Priestesses

blog1Time slows down.  The feeling is one of transcendent peace and harmony…                                                                                                       

Three priestesses stand equidistant to each other over a circle on the ground.  Rather than playing ‘catch’, we propel huge, iridescent, shimmering hummingbirds through the air.  With gentle nudges, we keep guiding the hummingbirds to one another in a perpetual circle.  The birds glide ever so slowly through the air as if underwater.

Through our play, we hold up and support another reality.  The rightness of our sacred mission is confirmed.  There is another way of being in the world.

“Sip the nectar of life’s happiness”

What is the message of the hummingbirds?

Open your heart.  Sip the nectar of life’s happiness.  Beauty matters.  Eschew the ugly and the harsh.  All are one.  All have something to contribute within the circle.

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