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We Remember

Ancestral memory supported our emergence from the narrow confines of separation and untruth this last month.

Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) Reading for April 27  – May 25, 2017 Iyar 5777XX

Last month:  Nisan 5777 March 28 – April 26, 2017

XX Gigul Neshamot or ‘Rebirth’:

Ancestral memory supported our emergence from the narrow confines of separation and untruth this last month.  Passage through narrow gateways birthed us into expansive new and hope filled realms.  

Passion and righteous anger fueled a powerful and combative activism as we wrestled with inner and outer demons.  We taxed our spiritual and physical resources to the limit as we fought to reclaim our birthright of freedom. 

Last month’s full moon dissolved our fiery fight in a sea of compassion.  Spirit called upon us to transmute the remembrance of the senseless suffering of those who have gone before us with hope and idealism for a New World and a new future.  

The marking of time according to the lunar cycle is an ancient practice that is enjoying resurgence in women’s circles.  The New Moon is an excellent time for reflection and renewal.  This 5-card spread facilitates both a reflection on the events of the past month and an understanding of what spiritual energies will prevail in our personal lives for the upcoming weeks.  I have devised a system that associates a specific Tarot card with each lunar week of the Jewish calendar.  This reading interprets five randomly drawn cards within this context.

Card 1:  Reflections on the past month

Card 2:  The week of the new moon

Card 3:  The week of the waxing moon

Card 4:  The week of the full moon

Card 5:  The week of the waning moon

3BladesWeek of the New Moon (Rosh Chodesh):  April 23 – April 29, 2017

Three of Blades ‘Compassionate Telling’:

Close friendships are precious.  Practicing compassionate communication allows our intimate relationships to thrive. People often just need to be heard.  When we wear our ‘ears of the heart’, we can listen with tolerance and non-judgment.  This week will offer opportunities to revive friendships that may have become strained and to make new friends.  Everyone has an interesting story.  Let’s make the time for face-to-face sharing. 


 Week of the Waxing Moon:  April 30 – May 6, 2017


Mother of Blades  ‘She Who Organizes’:

Beltaine energy activates a longing for intimate connection.  The strength and self-sufficiency that has allowed us to survive in this world is not always warm and fuzzy.  As we become aware of our hard edges, we are motivated to tweak our behavior and get warm and juicy.  We may be out of practice when it comes to walking in love and speaking the language of the heart.  Let’s not be afraid to initiate and to be sweet.  Our clumsy and tentative attempts can actually be quite endearing.  Go ahead and make a move.  It beats living alone in our head.




XIXSunWeek of the Full Moon:  May 7 – May 13, 2017

IX Meyaledet or ‘The Sun’:

Unconditionally strong and loving sun energy amplifies the nurturance that characterizes the lunar week of this Full Moon, which is associated with the Mother of Waters card.  All of the love that we allow to surge through us this week will move people with a tsunami-like force.  Expect a backwash that will nourish and feed us as well.  When we consciously direct our compassion towards those people and events that trigger us we can effect transformation and healing.


 Week of the Waning Moon:  May 14 – May 21, 2017


Ace of Fruits ‘Pleasure’:

Some of our most cherished dreams that we haven’t even dared to hope for can suddenly feel obtainable this week.  Fully expect a surge of new energy that can support these.  We could receive an unexpected windfall of cash, experience new vigor and strength in our body temples, or find ourselves in a new place.  Dare to envision what we really want.  Act when opportunity presents.

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