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All Roads Lead to Standing Rock

AceBladesTumult, upheaval, movement and change rocked our world this last month.



Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) Reading for December 1 – December 29, 2016

Kislev 5777

Last month Cheshvan  5777 November 2 – November 30, 2016

Ace of Swords ‘Altruism’:

Tumult, upheaval, movement and change rocked our world this last month.  We coasted in from the intensity of harvest work and celebration.  The thinning of the veils between the Spiritual World and this physical existence, and then the remembrance of the founding history of our nation at Thanksgiving brought our ancestors to the forefront of our consciousness.  The after shocks of a contentious election have traumatized many.

Prayers, people and goods began to move into the heartland of America from every direction to take a stand to protect living waters.  We strategized and we organized.

We recognized the power of the mind and of speech to create and to destroy.  Before we made decisions and commitments, we paused and weighed if a course of action aligned with our soul purpose.  The power of an expanding perception helped us to supplant fear with opportunity.

The marking of time according to the lunar cycle is an ancient practice that is enjoying resurgence in women’s circles.  The New Moon is an excellent time for reflection and renewal.  This 5-card spread facilitates both a reflection on the events of the past month and an understanding of what spiritual energies will prevail in our personal lives for the upcoming weeks.  I have devised a system that associates a specific Tarot card with each lunar week of the Jewish calendar.  This reading interprets five randomly drawn cards within this context.

Card 1: Reflections on the past month

Card 2: The week of the new moon

Card 3: The week of the waxing moon

Card 4: The week of the full moon

Card 5: The week of the waning moon

PersonBladesWeek of the New Moon (Rosh Chodesh):  November 26 – December 2, 2016

Person of Blades ‘Defender’

The New Moon draws us forward into a posture of defense and protection for the second month in a row.  This impulse plays out as collaboration.  Like spokes leading in to the hub of a wheel, goods, services, and people travel to the heartland of America.  Members of many American tribes are reinforced by activists, students, veterans and clergy, including Ashland OR's own Rabbi Julia Vaughns.  Our passion mobilizes our courage. We desire to charge forward to serve and protect.  

An awareness of recent and ancient struggles and failures invites us to experience emotional rebirth as we seek to heal the past.  Humility, sensitivity, and the higher good allows for community building among former antagonists.

May we each, in our own ways and in our own communities find ways to protect resources and to support communities that are under attack.




MatriarchFruitsWeek of the Waxing Moon:  December 3 – December 10, 2016

Matriarch of Fruits ‘Benefactress’:

Generosity and nurturance is the antidote to anxiety and worry.  We each have resources – talents, abilities, time and money.

One response to life is to be grasping, to hold tight.  We withhold because we believe we don’t have enough.  Our action of tightly grasping what we do possess reinforces a reality of scarcity.  Flow stops.

Another response is to give generously even when it might not seem prudent.  By priming the pump, by initiating flow, we connect with the deep wellspring of an abundant universe.  The Great Mother God desires to nurture this earth and all her inhabitants.  We are the vehicles through whom compassion can flow.  The message we send to our minds is that we have enough.  We can afford to give.  This becomes our reality.  As soon as we empty, more rushes in to fill the void.



VIIWeek of the Full Moon:  December 11 – December 17, 2016

VII ‘Chariot’ or ‘Merkabah’

The pure potential of the radiance of the sun and the reflected light of the moon combine this month to power our forward movement.  Opposites are harnessed together in a great rush.  The energy of this week is playful, curious, active and joyful.  At the same time it is productive and goal oriented.

What excites us?  What engages us?  What pushes our fun meter over into the red?  Curiosity is life.  Follow the joy.  This season provides many opportunities for socializing and community building.

Share and be generous.  Multiply a great light throughout the world by networking, sharing positive news and thoughts, and offering services where there is a need.  Be aware that for every story of conflict, anger, and fear that is pumped out in our media, tenfold unreported stories of cooperation, generosity and charity lay submerged beneath an iceberg of negativity .  Let's look below the surface.



XWeek of the Waning Moon:  December 18 – December 29, 2016

X ‘Wheel of Fortune’ or ‘Mazel Tov’

These longest and darkest of days naturally lend themselves to contemplation, meditation, prayer and chant.  Now is a time of descent into our unconscious.  When we focus on blessing and gratitude, we can transform ourselves.  We can move from pessimism to optimism.  

This week supports a mental breakthrough.  When we focus, even some of the time, on the positive things in our life, we start to rewire our minds. When we express gratitude to others by telling them why we appreciate them, great change ripples out.  We emerge just in time for opportunities for joyful celebration in community.  Our lives, our world, shift into positivity and good fortune.  Enjoy!

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