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Envision A New Beginning To Our Story

3FruitsIt's not too late to create a new beginning for the story of Gaia.



Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) Reading for November 2 – November 30, 2016

Cheshvan 5777

Last month Tishrei 5777 October 3 – November 1, 2016

Three of Fruits ‘Collaboration’:

Community consciousness supplanted individualism as we recognized that our future security was assured through cooperative alliances.  The Three of Fruits is about working in collaboration with others to build something of lasting value.  Even on a spiritual level, we recognized that we are more effective when we work in concert with our Spiritual Guidance Team – those three or more beings on the spiritual plane who volunteered to support us in this lifetime.  The Jewish High Holidays and the Day of Atonement created a safe container in community to review and process the previous year.

Harvest celebrations placed us in a bubble within time.  We occupied the narrow middle part of an hourglass.  Above us, generations of ancestors compress downward into our lifetime.  Spreading out below us, are future descendants multitudinous as the many grains of sand.  We are not alone.  We are not isolated.  We are the focal point of what has been and what will be.  Our growing oneness consciousness sensitizes us to the needs and desires of all peoples.  By building alliances and community, we can turn around the mindless, heartless, rapacious mindset that threatens our future.

The marking of time according to the lunar cycle is an ancient practice that is enjoying resurgence in women’s circles.  The New Moon is an excellent time for reflection and renewal.  This 5-card spread facilitates both a reflection on the events of the past month and an understanding of what spiritual energies will prevail in our personal lives for the upcoming weeks.  I have devised a system that associates a specific Tarot card with each lunar week of the Jewish calendar.  This reading interprets five randomly drawn cards within this context.

Card 1: Reflections on the past month

Card 2: The week of the new moon

Card 3: The week of the waxing moon

Card 4: The week of the full moon

Card 5: The week of the waning moon

PersonBladesWeek of the New Moon (Rosh Chodesh):  October27 – November 2, 2016

Person of Blades ‘Defender’

Parts of our planet are dying.  As we are being called to defend irreplaceable resources from destruction, we begin to connect the dots.  We realize that we are not isolated and we are not alone.  All around the world, indigenous peoples are under attack by forces of greed.  How can we temper our own natural desires for expansion, abundance and success in a way that supports and preserves the integrity of the earth?

Our minds are waking up to recognize the externally controlled belief systems that influence us.  We are developing new minds that know from the heart.  The wheel of the year turns.  Autumn releases what is no longer viable, teaching us the value of shedding old, outmoded structures that no longer serve.  Momentary death provides the fertilizer for renewal and rebirth.

May we each find the courage we need to resist and counter the forces that would destroy life, in a way that is conscious, creative and regenerating. Brave defenders and protectors leave from Ashland OR this week to join the many streams from around the country and around the world to safeguard the lifeblood of our earth.



5WatersWeek of the Waxing Moon:  November 3 – November 10, 2016

Five of Waters ‘Mourning’:

Movement into Fifth Dimensionality is uncharted territory for us.  First we need to step forward and jump into the water.  Attachment to past losses and disappointments threaten to weigh us down and pull us beneath the waves.  Enough time has passed that we can release our past and not look back.  Jump in.  Don’t look back.  It’s water under the bridge.  We cannot know what our destination at journey’s end looks like.  It is enough to simply keep moving forward.

What if we feel stuck?  Forgiveness practice is the best way to jettison the weight of regret and sadness that keeps us stuck dead in the water.  Forgive the unforgiveable.  Forgive unconditionally with no expectations.




2FruitsWeek of the Full Moon:  November 11 – November 18, 2016

Two of Fruits ‘Balance’

The Full Moon in Taurus lights our way as we land upon solid ground.  Stability feels great after navigating the murky waters of the new and waxing moon phases of Scorpio.  We are able to pick up the pieces again and get back into balance as we juggle the various parts of our lives.  We continue to release the people, habits, and behaviors that no longer fit with our new mindset.

At The Well, a wonderful resource for Jewish women,  encourages meditation as a great way to achieve inner balance during the quiet days of Cheshvan.  Rebbe Nachman taught the practice of Hitbodedut as a way to deepen our relationship with the Divine and to gain self-knowledge.  Wait until evening when the demands of daily life recede.  Go for a walk out in nature where we will not be disturbed.  Begin aloud a spontaneous conversation speaking with God/dess as if she is our best friend.  Key to success are actually speaking out loud and being out in nature.  We are told that the grasses of the field will add their prayers to ours, strengthening our efforts.



4FruitsWeek of the Waning Moon:  November 19 – November 30, 2016

Four of Fruits ‘Conception’

This week we have the opportunity to recognize and relax into the stabilizing of different aspects of our material life.  Each of us can look at our livelihood, our health, our possessions, and our home environment and see progress and stabilization in all or some of these areas.  This creates the platform of safety that allows us to expand our vision.

We are recognizing the patterns of self-sabotage that have constricted our sight.  Fear and worry, shame and blame have restricted our worldview.   Believe that it is now safe to take off the blinders.  The universe is a friendly place.  There is tremendous support for our success.  This is an ever expanding universe of abundance.  

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